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master (Mr) Gum is the main antagonist of the whole series. He regularly schemes about ways to get revenge or tries to get somthing for his own personal gain. He is often described as a fierce old man with a red beard and two bloodshot eyes like an octopus in a bad cave. He appears in all of the Mr Gum books. He is friends with Billy William The Third and his plans always get foiled by Friday o' leary and Polly. His main catcthphrase: "shabba me whiskers"


Mr Gum has lots of evil plans in the series. 

1. Tries to poison jake the dog.

2. Tries to steal £1 billion off alan taylor.

3. Tries to tries to turn lammonic bibber into goblin city as the goblin king.

4. Tries to burn lammonic bibber with power crystals.

5. Tries to get rich off a dancing bear.

6. Gets into a big food fight.

7. Tries to take over lammonic bibber by hiding in a tree and pretending to be runtus.

8. Tries to make lammonic bibber fall into the sea by burning bad meat.

9. Tries to get jake the dog sent to Australia

more info  Edit

full name: master (mr) gum

allies: Billy William The Third, Greasy Ian (formerly), Philip The Horror (formerly) goblins (formerly)

enemies: polly,friday,alan taylor,old granny,Jonathan Ripples (not confirmed), Peter (not confirmed),martin laundrette (not confirmed)